Mike Sorenson, LPCMH

Safe Harbor of Philadelphia director Mike Sorenson

Mike Sorenson has lived most of his life in Oklahoma and Texas. He became a believer in Christ while a student at the University of Oklahoma, forever changing the direction of his life and career. After graduating, he went on to Dallas Theological Seminary, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling. He started with Safe Harbor in 2006. Mike partnered with Safe Harbor in 2008 to expand into locations in northern Delaware and the Philadelphia metro area and looks forward to future growth throughout the Philadelphia area.

Mike believes that true lasting change is a product of the grace of God through the Holy Spirit, but that good clinical technique and genuine empathy can be a powerful vehicle for God to use. He also believes that the client knows better than anyone the true nature of the problem, as well as its solution. Thus, he sees counseling as a process of exploration where he walks alongside the client to discover what God wants to do in that person. While prayer, Scripture reading, and other spiritual exercises may play a crucial role in a person’s development, Mike only believes in using these techniques to the extent with which the client is comfortable.He aims to follow Paul’s model with the Corinthians, where it is “not that we lord it over your faith, but we work with you for your joy…” (2Cor 1:24)


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